[Mixtape] Eddie’s Long Hot Summer Day : Sunny Mornin’ Drive

sunshine 1

It’s Summertime so you know what that means, Summertapes! Off all the type of Mixtapes out there I love Summer Mixtapes. I strongly believe a good Summertape or Album can define your Summer. So every time you hear it you’ll reminisce of that particular Summer, all those awesome times at the park with your friends, that crazy holiday in Barcelona, That cute chick/dude that you’ve met on the Beach, Barbecuing with your Fam. That’s the magic of music, it will act as a Soundtrack to your Life.  So I wanted to create The Summertape, a tape that will define peoples Summer.

When it comes to Music, I’m a bit of romantic/crazy person (potato, potato). When I hear some tracks I instantly sketch a scenario in my mind. So when I decided I wanted to make a Summertape, I really didn’t want to throw some tracks together I wanted to make a movie without the visuals. So that’s how Eddie’s Long Hot Summer Day was born, Eddie’s Long Hot Summer Day tells a tale of a random day in Eddie’s life, starting with the Morning and ending at Night.

Sunny Mornin’ Drive is part one of three of Eddie’s Long Hot Summer Day. The tape starts with some relaxing tracks to wake up to, there is no hurry to start the day. And as the tape progress so does the time of the day, the tracks are starting to have more bounce to it. So when you arrive at your destination and at the end of Sunny Mornin’ Drive, you’re already in the mood for what comes next, The Afternoon Cookout.

tl;dr I love the Summer and made a 3-part Summertape.

Download: Sunny Mornin’ Drive

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