[Artist Spotlight] Cope2


I remember several writers writing “King”. I wondered why, so I asked Trap why so many writers wrote “King”. Trap told me that it meant that you claimed this line like a King. That meant you had the most tags on the insides or throw-ups, burners and blockbusters on the outsides. So I said Hmmm, that’s a challenge!

Cope2 also known as Fernando Carlo is known by many as being a general founder of graffiti. Now a days he is most known for his iconic throw-up.


Cope2 was born in the Bronx (the Mecca of hip-hop) and started writing graffiti in the year of 1978/1979. Influenced by his cousin Chris who tagged Chico. After a year or 2 of tagging on the streets COPE2 started tagging on the subways. After seeing the big names of the outside of the trains he got more into graffiti.


Due to his popularity he had several collaborations, famous appearances and appearances in several galleries, for example; COPE2 had a collaboration with Converse shoes and Adidas and his iconic throw-up even appears on walls across the digital cities of GTA IV. Below are examples;

tumblr_mija38MBjg1rtxagho4_500 forumlowcope2_MED cope2gtaivb

Below are some examples of the work of the legendary “King of the 4-Line”;

cope2_4204 cope21991 tumblr_mfryqxQXHO1s1oxt6o1_1280 tumblr_mi0ksaHIbD1rknu47o2_1280For more info on his history and how he became the sensation he is nowadays, check out this website! Also make sure you follow him on Twitter @MRCOPE2.

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