Weektape: UNTLD Salutes Timbaland


Let me take you back to the 90’s.  When little Kidd STRΔNGE was sitting in his big brother’s room listing to some dope ass music provided by his big sister. She introduced me to Tupac and Wu-Tang and lots more, she showed me a new tape from   an artist named Timbaland and Magoo. I laughed at their names but soon found out there was nothing funny about their music. It was something I’d never heard before and instantly fell in love with the tape. Welcome To Our World is a classic in my eyes that introduced me to a whole new sound and artists like Missy Elliott, Aaliyah and Ginuwine.

Instantly recognizable by the clean, electronic, and non-sample based productions Timbaland ruled the 90’s R&B scene. And over time his influence reach the Hip Hop scene, working with some of the greatest like Jay-Z, UGK, Ludacris and of course Missy Elliot.

Since Timbaland had such an impact on my childhood it was only fitting to salute him in this week’s Weektape, enjoy!

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